Saturday, July 28, 2012

[COAT WEST] ELoS Act 4. - The Snake Road

The title is so...XD
It's our two favourite guys from Coat, Nagi and Shou, with a few others~
Have fun *- *


Download separate links:


  1. hi there,im really happy that i found a new blog contains JGV ;D
    can i copy this to my community in LJ? if u dont mind u can also join and share this in yourown @LJ community :)
    thanks so much that u share elos >3< i've been dying to find all the elos :D
    im waiting for another Sho Nagi !! im huge fans of them *but im newbie in JGV i love GV since 21-6-12 hahaha*

    1. Hello!
      Sure, you yan share the links, but make sure to credit me please.
      I don't really use my LJ account, but maybe I'll start to, soon.
      No problem. I still have an Elos film with Sho and Nagi in it, that will be shared soon!
      Anyway, welcome to the world of GV's XD Haha~~ I've been watching these movies since 2010. I used to download them from a blog, which isn't active anymore, and because of that decided to make one myself~ I hope it's worth the time and effort :)

  2. Hi, ^^

    I Love Sho & Nagi, especially Sho!!
    Thanks for sharing. And waiting for your new share upload soon.

    XOXO... ^.^

  3. Would you please share, if you have "Nagi Sho Final Commemoration"?

    Love you. XoXo... >.<

  4. This was supposed to be fab but it ended up as being a corrupted file and it couldn't be opened .-. fwuuck.

    But I love the other links and vids <3

  5. It needs to insert a disk or something to extract? >.<

  6. Hey do you know the name of the JGV actor who's I the white dressing gown with Sho? It's not Nagi it's the other guy with the cute roundish face. if you scroll down a bit he's in a few gifs. :)