Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[KO Company] Kuruu - Young Slaves Market

This one also has Nagito in it!(`・ω・´) And Sora too! I really like them together, so I was very happy to find this. They're both so-so cute!>3 <;

The theme this time is "slaveboys"~
The first scene has Shinji in it, then the second has Reo, (there was nothing special so far) and then finally came Sora and Nagito lkfajkdjfkljggajgj!! *A*~~~
They did splendidly! Gosh, their moans almost made me lick the screen all overXD They were in the third scene, which was also the last and the longest one, it's completely worth a download only for that! Trust me c:



  1. awwwww finally! I found some downloads of Nagito which work! thank you so much :33 he is sooo cute x333

  2. Having a bit of a weird problem with the downloads on your site; the files download just fine, but once I extract them and play the movie it frame-skips every few seconds. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance. Neat blog. :3

  3. >////< I love you~ sexy nagito! >.<
    Thanks for sharing!!!! >.<

  4. thanks so much, I'm downloading now. I'll recomment after I finish watching.

  5. Thanks for uploading, but getting a data error when attempting to extract from the four files (w/ both 7-zip and RAR extract frog.) At about 50 percent there's something about archive file being corrupt or incomplete. Just a heads up.

  6. Thanks so much^^ I'm a big big fan of Nagito and I really enjoy this. :)