Monday, July 23, 2012

[COAT WEST] Hello! Nakayama Yuya


As the title says: It's a Japanese gay video sharing blog! I think that most websites sharing these kinds of videos require a kind of "membership". (Or take a looot of time to download the files because of the servers they were uploaded to...><;) I want to create a page where anyone can download the yumminess~

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will tell and of course post more soon!

Any comments are welcome.

The first one is a Coat West movie of a cutie named Nakayama Yuya.

[COAT Hello! Nakayama Yuya

Mediafire links

Join files with HJ Split!


  1. Hello! Thanks for this website & for sharing. ^^

  2. Neat blog, but you should probably put something in this post to let people know that this film has Het bits in it :3

  3. Hello my friend can I find these films on YouTube

    1. No, it's against Youtube's policies to upload pornographic videos. Sorry>.<;

  4. i downloaded them but no getting anythong
    it only takes seconds for me to download and to join
    but the result vid is only 3 sec